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Arts and Humanities

當代哲學理論Contemporary Developments in Philosophical Theories

神話與藝術Mythology and Art

戲劇與人生Drama and Life

臺灣政經發展史History of Political Economy in Taiwan

臺灣治安史History of Public Order in Taiwan

歷史人物評價The Evaluation of Historical Figures

臺灣小說與電影Fictions and Movies in Taiwan

文化創意產業Cultural and Creative Industry

Social Sciences

執法倫理與領導The Ethics of Law Enforcement and Leadership

執法與人權保障Law Enforcement and Assurance of Human Rights

警察與國家發展Police and State Development

公益組織與社會Nonprofit Organizations and Society

新移民與社會New Immigrants and Society

Natural Sciences

影音蒐證製作理論與實作Theory and Practice on Video Evidence Collection

物理療法理論與實務Theories and Uses of Physical Therapy

食品安全與風險Food Safety and Risks

大腦與情緒Brain and Emotions

資訊能力檢定Basic Computer Proficiency

資通科技發展Development of Information Technology

鑑識科技發展Development of Forensic Technology